11 Lies Guys tell Girls to have Sex

1. THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ APPROACH: ‘If you love me, you will let me.’

2.THE LOGICAL APPROACH: ‘I thought we are going to get married’

3.THE BIG SHOT APPROACH: ‘Girls are standing by in line to date me.You are a lucky person, you know’

4.THE SITUATIONAL APPROACH: ‘Everybody is doing it’. ‘Times have changed’

5.THE THREAT APPROACH: ‘If you don’t, I will date some else’

6.THE PROMISE, PROMISE APPROACH: ‘You will not get pregnant.Even if you do, I promise to care for you.We will get married’

7.THE GUILT APPROACH: ‘I am so tensed up I can’t stand it! You led me on. You can’t stop now. I have got to have it!”

8.THE FLATTERY APPROACH: ‘You have such a gorgeous body that I can hardly control myself!’

9.THE ABNORMAL APPROACH: ‘What is the matter with you?Are you frigid or something?’

10.THE SYMPATHY APPROACH: ‘Nobody but you understands me.Everybody is against me.All i need is you to help me, and everything will be ok’ or ‘You poor little girl. Nobody has loved you as I do. Let me show you real love, right now, at the back seat of this car’

11.THE INTELLECTUAL APPROACH: He is an excellent conversationalist who can wow you with phrases and ideas. Here the guy promotes heavy ‘think’ sessions regarding sex. He doesn’t ‘do’ anything at first – just get you in the habit of verbalizing sex.



2 thoughts on “11 Lies Guys tell Girls to have Sex

  1. SugarLover

    We love you girls why not just let us have sex without trying so much. C’mon, it’s good for your health and your heart too. You look sexy too, beautiful background.

    1. great! that’s one of the lies too, love, often times we mistake lust for love, let me tell you about love… love is caring and patience, and patience is a virtue that can sustain any relationship. we love you guys too, but please give your feelings sometimes.

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