When you hear lies you will know….(11 lies guys tell girls to bed them)

desti pii

1. THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ APPROACH: ‘If you love me, you will let me.’

2.THE LOGICAL APPROACH: ‘I thought we are going to get married’

3.THE BIG SHOT APPROACH: ‘Girls are standing by in line to date me.You are a lucky person, you know’

4.THE SITUATIONAL APPROACH: ‘Everybody is doing it’. ‘Times have changed’

5.THE THREAT APPROACH: ‘If you don’t, I will date some else’

6.THE PROMISE, PROMISE APPROACH: ‘You will not get pregnant.Even if you do, I promise to care for you.We will get married’

7.THE GUILT APPROACH: ‘I am so tensed up I can’t stand it! You led me on. You can’t stop now. I have got to have it!”

8.THE FLATTERY APPROACH: ‘You have such a gorgeous body that I can hardly control myself!’

9.THE ABNORMAL APPROACH: ‘What is the matter with you?Are you frigid or something?’

10.THE SYMPATHY APPROACH: ‘Nobody but you understands me.Everybody is against me.All i need is you to help me, and everything will be OK’ or ‘You poor little girl. Nobody has loved you as I do. Let me show you real love, right now, at the back seat of this car’

11.THE INTELLECTUAL APPROACH: He is an excellent conversationalist who can wow you with phrases and ideas. Here the guy promotes heavy ‘think’ sessions regarding sex. He doesn’t ‘do’ anything at first – just get you in the habit of verbalizing sex.



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