mistake-pic1-300x300You don’t know him or her until there is a quarrel. A quarrel tests character. Knowledge grows from disagreement. Love is a deeper knowledge of your partner. It is not just the romantic feeling, it is the feeling of tolerance, the feeling of acceptance and understanding.

A quarrel reveals weakness. It displays maturity.

A quarrel creates a platform for t
he woman to submit and the man to show love.

Don’t run away from confrontation. A confrontation will give you revelation. To walk away or to continue becomes clearer. Too much quarrel that ends with physical abuse is a danger sign. It is saying , ‘Quit!’

A quarrel creates room for patience. And patience is a virtue that can sustain a relationship. Any relationship.

An engaged couple came for counseling. They were preparing for marriage. The Pastor asked, “How are things going?”

“Great”, they said enthusiastically.

“Really?” the pastor asked.

“Yes”, the couple chorused.

“Have you had any quarrel? Any disagreement?”

The woman responded, “No o. It has been wonderful all the way”. And both stared at each other with a smile.

The pastor nodded his head. “No ,that is not good at all. I can’t wed you both”

“Why?” the lady asked.

“Go and have a quarrel. Disagree on something. Hurt yourself and see how much you can forgive yourselves. See how you can disagree to agree. Your courtship is too good to be true”.

The fight is important. It test your compatibility. But you must fight fair. I am not talking about throwing insults at each other or physical assault. I am talking about disagreements.

Marriage is not for two perfect people. It is for two imperfect people who seek to make their marriage perfect. They work hard to make sure that they are together. They have a deep understanding for each other because they realize that they are both fragile, human. And so they look up to God.

The test of your compatibility is after the quarrel. It is your capacity to forgive each other that determines how compatible you both are. Strong marriages are built on forgiveness. The Press once asked Bill Graham’s wife , Ruth Graham , how she had been able to stay with her husband for 60 years. She gave a smile and said, “I have learnt to forgive Bill” .

You see, there will be many offenses in your marriage. Does forgiveness for him/her come easily, naturally? Please hear me. Forgiveness is not a feeling, it is something we must do. I understand that. Forgiveness is a product of faith acting without feelings. However, when it comes to compatibility and marriage, your love for him/her should be strong enough to make forgiveness easier.

Quarrel is an important test in compatibility. Again remember that a quarrel should help you know when it is time to call it quit or not. Here is a mail I received recently. Names have been changed for privacy reason .
I’m Chinyere Madwueke. I love this guy so much. We have been dating him for 5 years now. But I have one problem. He beats me a lot. I have tried to leave him but I see myself coming back. He also comes back and begs…and I see myself forgiving him. Now he is talking marriage. I love him so I said yes. But now I am afraid. Please advise me.


I know how love can make one make stupid decisions. To surprise you, I have been a victim of making irrational decisions because I once loved someone. I truly understand how you feel. But sincerely, you have to BREAK that relationship. Please don’t marry the guy. This is for your own good. I know of a man who beat his wife to pulp. She called her brother who came and joined in the fight only to hit her husband roughly and he fell down and died. Today, she and her brother are awaiting trial…Don’t worry, you will have someone right come your way if you let go and become patient. Beating in a relationship is a bad sign.
Don’t marry a man who beats you. If he beats you the first time, he will beat you again and again; his promises are a lie.
How angry can he/she be? Can you bear it? A quarrel will test your relationship. In fact, all relationships whether in courtship or marriage will be tested by quarrel.



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  2. gio

    In a relationship with a guy who finds it hard to tell the truth and easy to lie,when we met he had nothing and I helped for 3years,I don’t know if he is still with me now that he is financially stable because of gratitude or he loves me enough to have proposed,we did 4 abortions and now I am not even getting pregnant,the last time I was pregnant I had a miscarriage @4months,he says because I would get angry he would rather not tell me,it has made my trust for him go away,he has a problem with discipline when it comes to ladies,he hardly tells me he is sorry,but when I heard him apologising a lot on phone to someone and asked why they deserved it he said because he doesn’t mean it so he could say it a lot,he has a very huge Ego,e are engaged actually but I really need peace and we can’t communicate well especially when I ask about women and why he is hiding his chats on bbm,facebook and all while he knows all my passwords,pls help cos I love him but last thing I want is a man who can’t control himself when it comes to women if he is such.

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