Greetings to you, i mean you reading this post.

Lets look a little deeper on those things that were there and now that are not and you feel you’re no longer loved.
In a relationship,it all started with what I called “LOVE LANGUAGES”.

At times lovers do said “i don’t know why i love you so much” maybe you don’t know or maybe you know and you don’t know how to put it,.,,,”THE WHY”,,,,is called love language, something he or she has been doing unconsciously,

  Ah! someone is asking what is love language?,,, Love languages are those things that makes us feel loved,fall in love, but hey! Learn to work in love not to fall.
Each and everyone of us has a love language.and the primary is the one that tells us deeply  that this person loves you..some are bilingual in nature(speaking two languages).

we have 5 types of love languages viz;

1.Words of affirmation
Quality time,
physical touch
And act of services.
Let’s look briefly into each.
Words of affirmation; there are people who falls here..who feel loved when ever you appreciate,encourage not condemn,little  things you do verbally means a lot to these set of people.
When your partner complains…listen to the area he or she focuses…if the person complains that you don’t call,text,you hardly say i love you,missed you,you saw the text you didn’t reply or even admit that you saw it, then that person’s primary love language is WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. If you do a rethink you will understands that when you met the person you were always doing this,now that those things are no more there, that person’s love tank is empty,no matter what you may do, when a person’s primary love language is not spoken fluently, the person will keep complainin or double date.i remember telling my mum on 31st dec that i won’t be home for new year celebration cos i was angry with her and i was so serious abt it,why? Through out 30 dec she never called,text to say happy birthday daughter,i was so down,angry,bored that my mum don’t love me,she had to plead,promise to suprise me if i should come to the village.those little words go deep down me and they mean alot to me.many people are like that. These set of peopl likes to say,i love you. i missed you, you look nice on that dress, i like your presentation today and lots more.
{2}Quality Time: this is the area many couple have problems. Quality time are those little but impacted time spent with someone,maybe your mum, spouse,co-worker and others,you maybe surprise to hear your mum calling you everytime, “when are you coming to the village? or when will you come  to see me?”even your spouse just like a baby needs this if this is their primary  love language,you may give them everything but if you don’t speak their primary love language you’ve not started, it may be “i just stop by to say hi” that 5 seconds mean alot to their love life.learn to know your spouse’ primary love language and won’t have any problem.these set of people would always say”can we spent some time together? Like on a date.

{3} Gift:in a family of 3 children, a father came back from work bought three teddy bears,shared it among them,the first one collected it, “thanks dad”,she said, throw it on the chair, the other collected,thanks dad,i love you,drop it in her bedroom,went back to dad, the other collected it,thanks dad,play wit it, at night she dropped it on her bed,hold it while sleeping ,what do you think? Gift is the last one’s love language and every time she sees it,it speaks to her, “my dad loves me” it doesn’t mean the dad does not love others but daddy is unconsciously speaking her primary love language,while gift is  the 2nd girl’s secondary love language and each time dad will say i love you,i missed you during work,means a lot to her. But mind the kind of gift you offer.no matter how small the gift may be but if that’s the person’s primary love language, each time that person sees it it sent a message to him or her “this person loves me, he or she was thinking about  me,and can never give it out.listen to when they say “buy something for me on your way back”
4]physical touch;this is the type of love language most needed by babies,even adult babies…you know what i mean,a tap on the shoulder or back means a lot to these people,a perk or holding of hands,to them it means you care,each time you as a man or woman leaves home and your spouse calls you back”not even a hug”or when coming back they still needs it, it means physical touch is their love language.
5]act of service…my brother loves me so much when i assist him wit little things to him it means i care about him,that means that act of service is his love language,listen to when they say…can you help me do it?thanks for doing that for me, it maybe anything but it means a lot to them.

I can teach you how to know your own love language and to discover another person’s own,how to fill their love tank and leave an legible footprint in their love life…

In one of our singles talk shows a guy asked me a question, Lady ‘D’ i love this lady so much, have done every thing to make her happy BUT DON’T KNOW WHY,  SHE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT HER EX? when i sat him down, asking him to do a rethink on the early stage of their affairs and the area she complains, i found out the EX was the master of her love life because he showed her love using the right and suitable language, if you are asking the same question, the secret lies here.SHALOM.

Ask questions anytime, or comment on any point and I’m ready to answer it.


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