DeepWords Devotional


A Devotional For the Journey of your Life


Life is a journey.
But it is a very unusual journey. The journey from where you are right now to where you are headed is one that cannot be taken for granted or left to chance. But that is what most of us do most of the time. We leave our journey to chance. Sometimes we have a clear idea of our destination, sometimes we are not so sure where we are headed, but we just trudge along because there is nothing else to do. Should that be the way?
The journey can sometimes be very frustrating especially if you don’t have a clear idea of where “there” is. Like R. Kelly sang, “you have been racing for years but there’s still no finish line.” Sooner or later, you settle down at any place and define that spot as your destination.
But what is even more frustrating than this is when you have a very clear idea of where you are headed, but each step you take seem to take you further away from the place you would rather be. Let me give you a clear example.
The Israelites left Egypt with a clear idea of where they were headed. They knew they were going to the Promised Land. Unlike Abraham who didn’t know where the promised land was but was just walking in blind faith, these exiles in Egypt had a clear idea of what and where the Promised Land was. They knew it was freedom from their taskmasters. They knew it was a land flowing with milk and honey. They knew it was a specific country – Canaan. They knew the way to Canaan, they knew the names of their kings and their cities. They could clearly identify their Promised Land and how to get there.
Each day brought them closer to the promise, yet each day took them further away from the promise. For forty years they faced this contradiction of desire and hope against vision and promise. They knew where they were headed, they could see the visible presence of God in the Pillar of Cloud by day and Pillar of Fire by night, yet that very presence became a terror at times instead of comfort. That presence led them in circles until it appeared to onlookers like these people were lost – or that whatever it was that was leading them was not certain of where it was headed.
This is where people begin to lose hope, lose faith and so lose destiny. When you are limited in your knowledge, you trust someone who knows better – that is why we go to hospitals for instance. When that person acts like he too is clueless and overwhelmed, you become very distraught. That is when people give up. We quickly turn to a better or more superior authority to keep our faith alive.
When it is God that seems to be clueless who do you turn to? As shocking as that statement may seem, who is the person that has not wondered if God was sure of what God was doing? Who is the person that has not stood at a place where what God was asking seemed to be so out of place with what common sense demanded? If you can show me that person, I will show you that he or she has never truly walked with the Lord.
This is exactly the position that the Israelites found themselves in the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. Common sense resisted God’s word. Reality defied the promise. The problem seemed to be bigger than the prophecy. The road God took was longer than the road they would have taken. A journey that should have been an adventure became a disaster. Hope became despair. Vision became disillusioned – right in the presence of God.
Do you remember Peter walking on water with Jesus? Do you remember he sank with Jesus by his side?
We are taking a walk with our Lord in the storms of life. We are walking from our bondage in Egypt to our freedom in the New Jerusalem. We will meet with unimaginable situations. Storms will arise. Wars will come. Lack will stare us in the face. Disease will break in upon us. Death will never be far away. The question that was on the lips on everyone of those pilgrims that left Egypt is the same question that is on our lips today. “How much longer do we have to go?”
The answer is the same as God has always given. “We are almost there, almost there.”
You have that answer today in your hands.
In this edition, we will look at some of the notable Near Misses and Narrow Misses on this endless journey of life. This devotional will not make your journey any easier, it won’t take away the challenges, but it will inspire you to take it easy and to stay on the course. It will assure you of God’s presence and you too will come to the same conclusion…

(c) deepword devotional. stay tune.


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