360 degree…will you marry me?
{Vision, mental picture and purpose}
The day was very bright but there was nothing special about it, it was just an ordinary day, like my mentor would say, ‘a day like any other day’ just my normal day-to-day ladies routine.
I can tell you about love because I’m an expert, I knew about marriage, I made my preparation long gone for it, I know what I want, my kind of home and my ideal partner but I think I was not ready for the big question, I thought of that early this year and concluded it will just be like any other question. The queue was way too long; I will never forget that, “what a bank!” I exclaimed, I was too tired “this must be Dennis’ car” I said to myself looking at the Toyota Camry 2013 model besides me, I took few steps sluggishly towards the car and lean on it, few minutes later the car was crying like a baby, “is Dennis crazy? He should know this is a bank and anybody can learn on this robber” I sighed as I turned to walked away, by this time all eyes were towards my direction, behind me guess who was standing! My bosom friend, he has always been there for me through it all, he has been the love of my life right from the beginning of the time, he has this charming personality that got my ankles rising, his name like ice cube melted in my tongue each time I mutter… my paradigm shift.
I was speechless at his sight and he won’t even broke the ice, everybody turned to our direction as he went on his knee, looking at his hand, he had a gold bracelet and with a loud voice, he uttered “360 DEGREE WILL YOU MARRY ME?…
On a normal occasion I would’ve jumped in excitement and said yes, of course is all I’ve ever watched on home videos and I desired it badly, “was I unprepared for this question” I soliloquy.
I tasted my bittiest as they roll down my innocent face, everyone were on a standby like they were waiting for response for them to applaud, ‘oh God! How I escape from this drama’ I thought within me, I lowered my face to beheld the bracelet facing me also waiting for my reply, I was terrified, I had this goose pimples all over my skin, why now…why 360 degree…what happened to the usual will you marry me of a question…what does he mean when using 360 degree? I asked myself many rhetorical questions. My bag fell down, I was sweating profusely, I grabbed my bag, I ran…and ran…and ran, I ran miles without noticing, boarded the available vehicle, when I alighted, I ran towards our house, guess what happened?



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