2(complete story).
…and i dashed tempestously into the building, it
was a meeting day for ABLE LADIES
ASSOCIATION, our compound was filled up.
Enigmatically, i stood there looking at those
women in uniform, they were speechless too
until mother broke the ice by calling my name.
Like at the bank, i ran, and ran, and ran, even
when no one chased me, i saw the image of the
bracelet chasing me, i ran straight to my room
locked the door behind me. Was frightened
when I heard a hard knock on the door, i
thought it was him chasing me with bracelet so l
screamed “leave me alone” i heard my mum
shouting back at me “have you gone crazy?
Open this door”
Sluggishly i opened the door, on seeing her, i
clung to her in tears and with profuse sweats
from head to toe, she held me, insisted on
knowing what happened at the bank, after a
while i found courage in her arms and lucidly
narreted the story.
My expectations of having her shocked to the
bone shattered when i heard her bursting out,
laughing me to scorn and asking me to rest, but
curiousity stole my resting mind as i laid with
his thoughts in my mind.
He has been my long ideal groom, i nurtured
this thoughts ever since we were in high school,
i was too naive then to notice all the advances
he made at me.
My world with him existed only in my
imagination, but on that fateful noon i had to
face the ‘fantom’ reality.
Incase you want to ask me “If you nurtured
such a vast caravan of emotions and memories
for him, why then were you running? What if
there was a car on a high speed?” Please don’t
ask me questions i don’t have answers to.
Acting like a maniac, i was ostracized, libelled a
was at a point of loosing my sanity when my
mum like a ‘sent Angel’ grabbed my hand a
second time, i smiled vaguely, stood up as she
led the way.
I found myself with her at the riverbank
focusing at the rumbling river without a word
from either of us, finally she asked me to
laterally point at the beginning and ending of
the tempestous river, her demand startled me, i
was speechless, she asked again, ‘can you see
it?’ I said NO’
She pulled out her marriage ring from her ring
finger into her palms, admired it with smiles
not minding the novice besides her,
enthusiastically she asked, Sweetheart! Focus on
this ring, show me the beginning of this circle” i
assessed the ring and found nothing, i told her
same, she exhaled in satisfaction and
you see my dear, marriage is not a one way
game, niether is it a try and see or try your luck
game, it is not even a 180kilometres race but a
never ending circle(360).
This ring here(pointing at the ring) is a symbol
of an unending love, loyalty, trust, care, fidelity
and support Which i sworn to your Father, to be
with him through it all then, now and always, at
this point, i felt this huge burden being lifted off
my heart and a strong feelings of love, passion
and connection rested in my heart, such a sweet
sensation that can only be compare to a
sensation of taking a dip in the pool in a very
hot noon, you know the feelings right?
I heard her harmless voice whispering into my
ear ‘ 360 degrees, will you marry him?’
I was curious, raising my eyebrow with smiles
to say my answer, mum interrupted me pointing
at the entrance and said…’say your Answer to
him’. Talk of the Angel, he walked in as mum
left the scene.
I saw love, unfeigned passion and curiousity
written all over him, he went on his knee this
time not with only bracelet but with a ring(a
never ending circle), with a starry eyed he
asked, 360 degrees, please will you marry me? I
smiled like a baby with my hands covering my
mouth as i heard my next door nieghbour
shouting,, ‘ Amanda! Don’t tell me you are still
sleeping, dont you have lectures today?
Aah! My emotions gambled with my mind again,
amidst the odd game, i learnt a lesson.
Aw! You’ve got to be kidding me, It was but a
. . .be single but don’t be stupid.
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One thought on “

  1. Joshua Michael


    You have a grand 4get that need not lie waste.
    The gift to be God – to think and create.
    Go, dream – achieve and succeed.
    Even if there is no way, either you find a way or create one.
    Don’t go where there is path,
    Go where there is no path and leave a trail.

    Only a dreamer understands the terms of a dream. Living in the world of Fantasies.

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