360 degree…will you marry me?
{Vision, mental picture and purpose}
The day was very bright but there was nothing special about it, it was just an ordinary day, like my mentor would say, ‘a day like any other day’ just my normal day-to-day ladies routine.
I can tell you about love because I’m an expert, I knew about marriage, I made my preparation long gone for it, I know what I want, my kind of home and my ideal partner but I think I was not ready for the big question, I thought of that early this year and concluded it will just be like any other question. The queue was way too long; I will never forget that, “what a bank!” I exclaimed, I was too tired “this must be Dennis’ car” I said to myself looking at the Toyota Camry 2013 model besides me, I took few steps sluggishly towards the car and lean on it, few minutes later the car was crying like a baby, “is Dennis crazy? He should know this is a bank and anybody can learn on this robber” I sighed as I turned to walked away, by this time all eyes were towards my direction, behind me guess who was standing! My bosom friend, he has always been there for me through it all, he has been the love of my life right from the beginning of the time, he has this charming personality that got my ankles rising, his name like ice cube melted in my tongue each time I mutter… my paradigm shift.
I was speechless at his sight and he won’t even broke the ice, everybody turned to our direction as he went on his knee, looking at his hand, he had a gold bracelet and with a loud voice, he uttered “360 DEGREE WILL YOU MARRY ME?…
On a normal occasion I would’ve jumped in excitement and said yes, of course is all I’ve ever watched on home videos and I desired it badly, “was I unprepared for this question” I soliloquy.
I tasted my bittiest as they roll down my innocent face, everyone were on a standby like they were waiting for response for them to applaud, ‘oh God! How I escape from this drama’ I thought within me, I lowered my face to beheld the bracelet facing me also waiting for my reply, I was terrified, I had this goose pimples all over my skin, why now…why 360 degree…what happened to the usual will you marry me of a question…what does he mean when using 360 degree? I asked myself many rhetorical questions. My bag fell down, I was sweating profusely, I grabbed my bag, I ran…and ran…and ran, I ran miles without noticing, boarded the available vehicle, when I alighted, I ran towards our house, guess what happened?






DAY 1:
READ LUKE 8: 22-39
22 Now it came to pass on a certain day, that he went into a ship with his disciples: and he said unto them, Let us go over unto the other side of the lake. And they launched forth. 23 But as they sailed he fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water, and were in jeopardy. 24 And they came to him, and awoke him, saying, Master, master, we perish. Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm. Luke 8:22-24

You hear it said in different ways with different ‘swagger’ depending on where and who is saying it “Let’s gooo there!” “You will get there!” But just where exactly is “there”?
“There” is a land that is so vastly different depending on who is describing it. The land called “There” is a mystical land, holding tantalizing offers to all who dream of it. “There” is a land where your aspirations are met with fulfillment. “There” is a land where dreams are not just dreams but reality.
Have you defined “There” for yourself? My “There” is not likely to be your “There”. So define “there” clearly. Write it out. Let the whole world know that you know where “There” is. If “There” is opening a branch of your business in China, let it be clear. If “There” is gaining admission into a university, let’s be absolutely clear about it. Jesus knew exactly where he wanted to go and he asked his disciples to point the boat there.
Here are a few things to consider if you have your eyes set on “There”.
You won’t get There, if you don’t start!
No matter how beautiful the land called “There” may be, even though it is flowing with milk and honey and you can literally pluck money from the trees by the roadside, I assure you that you will not get anywhere close to “There” if you fail to start.
So stop dreaming about “There”. Pack your bags. The journey may be long and tedious, so be very well prepared. There will be twists and turns that we cannot predict, get ready for them. Take everything you need for survival in the land of your dreams. Drop everything you will not need. Jesus and his disciples didn’t make any elaborate plans they simply got their luggage into the boat and headed “there”.
It’s time to say goodbye!
Packing your luggage is not enough. Get up! Say goodbye to people you don’t need anymore. That sounds harsh but if we are not headed in the same direction, does it not make sense to just say goodbye and go our different ways? Now take that proverbial first step. They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I demand that you take that step today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when your last child is born, not when the house rent is paid or whatever your excuse was last year. Kiss your excuses goodbye.
You won’t get there if you are not headed “There”!
Again, that is pretty obvious; again we don’t always do the obvious. You won’t get a degree by living on the university campus unless you are a student. Living next door to a millionaire will not make you one, driving in his car will not make you a millionaire. Do not disregard the obvious in some hopeful expectation of a miracle. Where is your vehicle pointed?
How do you know you are headed “There”? It’s simple. It’s not enough to know what “There” is, you must also have a well defined roadmap for getting there. You have a business idea, so what? It is nothing until you have a plan of action defining the definite steps you have to take to seeing the idea come to fruition. That is often hard work. That is one major reason we don’t get there. Draw up a simple plan of arriving at your dream land. If you have challenges with this, ask people for assistance. Ask the people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Get their roadmap and adapt it to suit yourself.
There were several boats on the sea that evening but not all were headed in the same direction as Jesus.
You won’t get “There” if you stop!
Obvious? But why are you not there yet? Is it not because you stopped? Is it not because the demands became so heavy you could not continue? May be you did not chose to stop but where forced to stop by circumstances beyond your control. It still amounts to the same thing. You stopped or were stopped. People who stop, do not get “There” no matter how close or how far it may be. Just in case you stopped. This is a wake up call. You can still get “There.”
The storm had the capacity to stop the boats, as a matter of fact, some boats turned back. But Jesus and his disciples stayed on the course even in the storm.
You can’t get “There” alone!
No one can make it all by himself. You can’t hold that record. Even God did not attempt to do it alone. Jesus Christ came to earth and still asked the help of a bunch of fishermen to help him actualize his dream. He had all the resources of heaven backing him. He could call on a myriad of angels to do his bidding. Yet he did not. He called people to help him get “There”. If you are wise, you will do the same. Ask for help. There is no shame in it. People will assist you, but you will have to ask first. If the first person you ask will not oblige you, don’t stop there, meet others. Somewhere there is a helper destined to hasten your journey to There.
Getting “There” will not make you happy!
Now this is strange. But the truth is, actualized dreams do not make people happy. You will discover when you get “There” that there is another “There”. Success is a journey not a destination. Happiness is not found at the end of that journey (by then you will be dead). Happiness is a choice travelers on this side of heaven must consciously make on a day to day basis.
If you are not happy now, don’t imagine that you will be happy when you get a job, or get married, or buy a car, or have a child or…. Choose to be happy NOW! Perhaps that is the most important thing you should have in your baggage as you head “There.” Even in heaven, people who are happy came with theirs from the earth.
Imagine after all the stress and the danger of crossing the lake, Jesus was turned back and refused entry into the land of their dreams. When the mad man of Gadarene pleaded to go with Jesus after his healing, Jesus refused as well. His happiness was not bound to “there” but to “here”.
Finally, the only Difference between Here and There is “T”
The only difference between Here (where you are now) and There (where you hope to be) is Time. Time has an answer for everything. Time has an answer for your woes today. Time will either kill your dreams or bring it to life. Everything will happen in its time. The only difference between a primary schoolboy and the university professor is Time. Given enough time, the little child will also become a professor. Someone who is reading this may be destined to become a president in this country. Yet as he reads this right now, there is no way we can possibly tell, because he may just be a student in a higher institution or can hardly guarantee where the next meal may come from. But you see, time will take its effect. It will bring out its secrets and he will become the president if that is where his destiny lies and if he has a plan and refuses to be stopped by the circumstances of his life. So if you are here and you are headed there pay close attention to “T” – Time.
Prayer: Lord I invite you to ride in my boat on this journey. Stay close by and never leave me until you bring me there.
(c)deepwords devotional


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Days of glory conference comes up next week Tuesday through Sunday. Expectations are high and adequate preparations are ongoing, We are positive that God will move in our mist by His spirit in such an outstanding way. People are already experiencing unimaginable miracles. A young epileptic lady thousands of miles away was healed just on phone conversation, nine years hydrocele operated by Gods power,healings of various sort, miraculous deliveries, supplies n favors.This year’s edition will be heaven on earth! Don’t miss out , be there.

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